The Dongguan Elite Electric Hardware Co. Ltd was founded in 1998 at Gaobu Town, Dongguan City, a high-tech enterprise company has subsequently developing and producing Secure Document Shredders from precision engineered blades, cutters and chassis. Elite has grown to a company with over 500 employees and sales of USD 28 million in 2012.

Over 15 years of development the company has produced a large number of professional cutters and chassis, and we will continue to develop and produce various... [More>>]

Product Catelogue

Elite Innovational Technology

? Elite Innovational Integrated Cutters, able to work instead of the traditional solid cutters, with a remarkable cost advantage and last the lifetime, and able to help customers to save the electric motor power with the relief angles on each blade. The integrated cutter will be made of double-edged blades instead the traditional single-edged blade, without plastic spacers between each blades, 100% steel cutter, more powerful, more reliability and longer lifetime!

? Elite Innovational Honeycomb Blade, able to save material cost and strengthen the overall blade due to adopting the unique honeycomb structure design and special manufacturing technology.

Industry and Applications